STOKE - Hughes: "Martins Indi arrives today".

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Stoke City's coach, Mark Hughes during the press conference told he is hoping that Bruno Martins Indi’s imminent arrival won’t spell the end of the Club’s activity in the transfer market.

“My understanding is that we are very close with Bruno, and all being well he should be with us today at some point,” he stated.It has been one that has frustrated us, but we feel it is likely to get done now - we don’t anticipate there being any last minute hitches.

“We feel we have made some fantastic acquisitions, and we know that if a player does become available who will improve us then we will be in the market for them. 

“We have tried to get players in all summer, we have signed some and missed out on others, but we will be continuing to work in the market over the next few weeks and hopefully enhance the squad even further. 

“The level of players we are after usually attract interest from top quality clubs, so we have to be shrewd, make the players aware of what we can give them and then hope they see us as the right fit for them.

“For us, it isn’t about bringing squad players in though, if we are to spend significant money then we want to sign frontline players.”

He added: “We have a good group of young players who can enhance the squad, so we will wait and see if those players, who can make an immediate impact, become available to us.”

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