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SEVILLA FC boss Montella aiming at former hitman of his André SILVA

09.03.2018 17.51 by Claudio Colla  read 1606
© foto di Daniele Mascolo/PhotoViews

Disappointed with his first Italian season at AC Milan, Portuguese international striker André Silva (22) is considering a summer departure, at least a temporary one. To this end, Sevilla FC boss, Vincenzo Montella, who brought him in first, is getting interested in signing him for Spanish club, according to Marca. While Sandro Ramirez might not be bought back from Everton, Rossoneri might even accept handing him out on a full basis, if offered roughly the same sum they paid Porto just little more than eight months ago (38.5 million euros). As reported on our columns already, Silva is a market suggestion for Toffees themselves.

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