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REAL MADRID, Ronaldo: "Mourinho is the number one manager right now"

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Cristiano Ronaldo talked about the season, winning the league title and the Euro 2012 during a publicity act.

"My objectives are to win something with the national team and to win Real Madrid’s tenth European Cup title. Everyone talks about the Champions League in Madrid and we players feel it is very important for the country and the people. We’ve been close this year and we need many things, such as luck and good teams in our group. The Tenth is coming next year or the next. People always focus on the Champions League because it is one of the best tournaments. I’m sure we’ll win it eventually.

"We didn't reach the final in the UCL because we missed the penalties. You can’t reach finals missing three penalties, but game wise I believe we played well in the first half but not so well after half-time. This may have been due to facing Barcelona the same week, and that was a tough game both physically and mentally. I don’t want to use this to justify our loss, but we were a little tired in the second half. Bayern deserved to be in the final because they are a fantastic side and they have a great coach. Those who come up with the calendar have to realize it isn’t good for the spectacle of the game. Playing two big games the same week isn’t good for players, who have to rest both physically and mentally. I’m looking forward to seeing them realize this. We’ll see what happens.

"When I arrived at Manchester United when I was only 18 years old Sir Alex was like a father to me. He helped me a lot and taught me many things. I finished my cycle with him after six years and he is a great, great person, and a fantastic coach. In my opinion, he and Mourinho are the best managers in the world. To continue my career with Mourinho now is just great because it helps me improve and learn more. I don’t wish for anything different than that. It’s great to work with him because, right now, he is the number one manager.

"I think we changed the cycle in Spain this year by defeating Barcelona at their stadium, which is never easy. We won with a nine-point lead, which is very large. Barcelona are a great side, but we proved to be better than them at the moment.

"Individually speaking I would probably give myself a 10 this season. Collectively, I would give us a 9 because I would have liked to win more, like the Champions League.

"I remember some journalists asked mewhat my limit was last year and I said it is always to improve myself every season. I know it will be very difficult to score more than 46 goals in the league, but everything can happen with the right circumstances. I know I can do better season by season, but that it will be harder each year. We took an unprecedented 100 points in the league and that will also be hard to beat, but you never know.

"I just want to get better all the time. This is not a contest between Messi and I, it’s between me and every team and every player because I always want to be better than anyone else. People compare Messi and I all the time, but it’s like comparing a Ferrari with a Porsche or a Mercedes. These are cars with different designs and different engines, and we are different players; one plays for Barcelona, the other for Real Madrid. We play in different national teams and we’re a different kind of player. You cannot make comparisons, but I must say he is a great player and we always fight each other, in a good way, to see who scores more goals or wins more titles. All footballers compete with other players; that’s our life.

"I’m not the judge to say if I deserve it or not. I just say I’ve had a fantastic season and I won the league trophy, which I think is very important. La Liga is the most complicated league championship in the world. Right now I’m focusing on having a great tournament with Portugal, which would also help me earn a nomination for the Ballon d’Or. But, to be honest, I don’t really worry about that.

"Mourinho said in an interview that he counts on every player, which means he’d like Higuain on the team. Higuain knows better than anyone if he’s happy here and if he likes the club, which I know he does, but we’ll have to respect his choice whatever it is. We love him and he’s a great player.

"I have a few years left on my contract and I’m happy here and would like to stay on. But you never know what the future may bring. I like the club, the supporters are amazing, the stadium is great and I like Spain. But I don’t know about the future.

"We joke about the Euro and Portugal's match with Germany all the time. I especially do so with Mesut because he is funnier than Sami, who is more of a serious guy. We just say things like, 'Watch out for your legs' or 'I’ll play down your side'… That’s good because we have a fantastic squad. We also kid around with the Spaniards because they say they’re going to win again. We’ll see.

"The three biggest sides at the moment and with a greater chance are Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, in my opinion. Portugal are never favourites to win championships, which is good in some way because we don’t feel the pressure the others feel. We have young players and a new coach, and we think we’ll prove surprising in the Euro. I really believe that, but we’re not favourites. Being in such a tough group makes things more complicated, but going through to the quarterfinals could maybe make things easier for us. Let’s see."

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