LIGUE 1 - Daniel Van Buyten does not forget about Marseille

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LIGUE 1 - Daniel Van Buyten does not forget about Marseille
© photo Federico De Luca

Seven years after leaving Olympique de Marseille, Daniel van Buyten (43) still remembers his seasons in the Olympian jersey, and not just him. In an interview with Provence, the former Belgian international (83 selections, 10 goals) confided in his passage in the Marseille city, he who has kept very good memories:

"Absolutely, a passage in Marseille we do not forget! When I discuss today with friends or that I go to football with my boy, of office one speaks to me about Marseilles, of the time, how it was… The supporters, it is the soul. "

Still in the columns of the local daily, he adds that the supporters of OM also returned the favor to him afterwards: “For the anecdote, I arrived once to eat at the restaurant and the restaurant owner did not even want that. I pay, all because he was proud. He said to me: "You gave me so much happiness! I don't want you to pay, you don't even realize what you can give to a supporter!" It really is a family. OM is part of their daily life. When the results and the benefits are there, you really have a special place in your heart. And that really marked me in Marseille. "