LIGUE 1 - OM: are we too patient with Jorge Sampaoli?

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LIGUE 1 - OM: are we too patient with Jorge Sampaoli?
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At the start of the year, Olympique de Marseille was on fire. We're not just talking about the unfortunate cypress trees. Governance crisis, almost institutional crisis, little vision over the medium term, this was the daily life of the only French club to have won the Champions League until then. At the very end of the season, when there was no hope, Jorge Sampaoli appeared. Despite some weakness in content, “El Pelado” managed to qualify OM for the Europa League.

This Thursday, his Phocéens came out. Through the little door of hell that the Nave Stadyumu represents for all those who enter it with colors other than the red and yellow of Galatasaray. However, the Marseillais made good games, they would probably have deserved to win a few times. But in football, you have to score and this OM has a lot of trouble in this area. In this campaign - and while waiting for the 6th and final day - OM will have scored only five small goals, only two of which are in the game (the other three are penalties).

It is then that we feel a slight wind of exasperation blowing around Jorge Sampaoli who, this Thursday against the Gala, it must be admitted, was a little wrong. Some will say it was not the first time. But in this society where when we are not for, we are necessarily against, two clans oppose each other. Those who consider that the Argentine has already had his chance, others that he has extenuating circumstances. Are we too patient with him? Or on the contrary, too hard, in a club where idols are burnt faster than they are carried to the pinnacle?

Jorge Sampaoli agreed with that, as he mentioned in a press conference this Friday: “  It's normal, it's football. We fall in love very quickly and the opposite happens very quickly too. There is no belief in a long term idea, the important thing is to win. Today, we rely only on results. Critics can influence the performance of players, but that's part of the job, we are exposed. Some criticisms are harsh, they come from "amateurs" who do not take all the criteria into account, but there are also coherent remarks. I try not to think about it too much and focus on the next game.  "