LIGUE 1 - PSG, Leonardo: "We want to extend Mbappé's contract"

09.10.2021 19:15 of A.S. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
LIGUE 1 - PSG, Leonardo: "We want to extend Mbappé's contract"
© photo Federico Gaetano

Paris Saint-Germain sport director Leonardo talks during the Festival dello Sport in Trento:

"I love working for PSG. Many talk about the figures spent by PSG, I want to clarify that PSG do not invest more money than other clubs - and they have high debts. Is  Tebas attacking us? We respond to UEFA and Ligue1, not La Liga".

"From Madrid they deny, but I think Real Madrid have been doing a job to buy Mbappé [as a free agent] for a long time. For two years they have been speaking publicly about Mbappé. This must be be punished”.

"From Real Madrid I see a lack of respect for Mbappé. He is not a normal player, he is one of the best in the world. The manager, the board, Real players spoke about Kylian... I think it's part of their plan. Not respectful".

 "Messi was convinced to stay at Barça. We opened official talks once Barça announced that Messi would be leaving and it was great because it was a surprise for everyone. Messi with Mbappé and Neymar is something great... I love it".

"All of our signings have been free agents. The salaries these players had were already very high, in some cases even lower... the only one we paid was Hakimi because we only wanted him as RB. And then there is Nuno Mendes. He's a fabulous talent!”.

"Our idea is to extend Kylian Mbappé contract. Nothing has changed in our plans. Kylian is a jewel, he is incredibly perfect for PSG... then we've Kylian, Leo, Ney. We've never planned PSG future without Mbappé".