PREMIER - Burnley, Dyche: "Pleased with our performance against United"

31.12.2021 11:00 of Claudio Colla   see readings
PREMIER - Burnley, Dyche: "Pleased with our performance against United"

In the wake of Burnley latest defeat against Manchester United, Clarets boss, Sean Dyche, stated:

I was quite pleased with the performance generally, the 18-day thing is something that we must deal with. We are a little bit stretched with Covid and injuries, but we have got a team who could go out there.

I thought Aaron Lennon was very good, he looked sharp, and he did what we wanted him to do, and there were still some good performances. The frustrating thing for me is that we could have made two blocks on the edge of the box, and we didn’t, they react to one of them and they get a goal.

It’s hard when you’re at Old Trafford and they are 3-0 up, but I thought the mentality was firm, and in the second-half we took the game on and tried to get something from it.

We had several chances, we could create chances and get the ball, we had a good feel of the game, but the details are massive in this game, especially in the Premier League.

A lot of the performance levels have been good, it’s just the margins. We started well, we created chances and the mentality is there, you can see that in the second half, and we keep going until the end, but those decisive moments are important”.