PREMIER - Crystal Palace, Riedewald on his Ajax past:

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PREMIER - Crystal Palace, Riedewald on his Ajax past:
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As reported on Crystal Palace official website, Jairo Riedewald talked about his Ajax grooming, and how Dennis Bergkamp influenced him: 

"Then I went to the Ajax Academy when I was nine, and that’s where Johan Cruyff’s system began to come through, linked with Barcelona’s system of tiki-taka of course.” It was here that Riedewald encountered Vieira’s former teammate.

“All the ex-football players are involved in Ajax’s Academy as well,” he explains. “Just to mention one name: Dennis Bergkamp was my coach in the first-team. So there was a lot of influence from ex-pros – I think bringing all of that together with the finance they put into the Academy, you’re going to improve players’ football.”

The former Arsenal striker was an idol to the youngsters. “I think I’m not the only one,” says Riedewald. “Everybody knows about the time when he was playing in the Premier League. To have him as a coach, to see him around day in, day out. Everybody knows: this is Dennis Bergkamp, a hero for a lot of the players.

“Going to the Premier League and doing what he did is a dream for everybody.”