PREMIER - Danny Drinkwater on his time with Chelsea

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PREMIER - Danny Drinkwater on his time with Chelsea
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Danny Drinkwater signed for Chelsea as a Premier League champion from Leicester City in 2007 for 35million euros.

His Chelsea career never took off, and the player's personal life was filled with drama and misery.

Drinkwater has opened up on it to TalkSport.

“Can I paint a picture? No. It’s been a shambles.

“It’s football, it’s never straightforward, it’s never simple. I’m just excited for the new challenges.

“I need to [kick-start my career]. I’m more excited about this than I have been for a few years now, especially how my career’s panned out.

“Games, getting the enjoyment of football back, then going from there. A few have slid away, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve not played.

“I’m in the last year of my contract, so there’s more than just football riding on it. I’ve got other things.

“I’m desperate for games, I know my position and I know it’s not what I’ve expected for ten years.

“So I’ve got to make changes and I’m making the right steps.

”I’ve just got to keep in contact with the manager, trust each other and trust the team. Hopefully, they trust me and we can build on that.”

Before joining Reading on loan this summer, he has just one year left on his contract and has not signed a new agreement.