PREMIER - Mikel Arteta: "Smith Rowe has hunger to keep improving"

17.10.2021 13:20 of A.R. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
PREMIER - Mikel Arteta: "Smith Rowe has hunger to keep improving"

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is confident of Emile Smith Rowe progress thanks to his hunger.

Arteta has been vocal in calling for more goals from the 21-year-old, and is confident that will come due to his natural diligence and willingness to learn.

"I think the intention, the hunger and the ambition should be there," The manager said. "He's capable of doing it.

"We want to ask players [to do] things they can achieve, and I'm sure Emile can improve that part of his game. He's so willing to do it. He's working on it almost every day and he's asking the right questions. He's getting better because he has a real hunger.

"To be fair, Emile is naturally like this. If anything, sometimes you have to tell him how good he is. He needs to believe how good he is.

"You have to encourage him to try [things] he's capable of doing. He's a joy to work with. It's still very early in his career but we're really happy to have him in the team."