PREMIER - The great signing that Newcastle could plan

23.10.2021 14:30 of E.B. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
PREMIER - The great signing that Newcastle could plan
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Newcastle United continue to generate huge financial expectations as they have become one of the richest teams in the world, thanks to an investor from Saudi Arabia.

With this economic power, there is talk of great signings and McManaman, a former Real Madrid and Liverpool player, could have revealed one of the names that the Magpies plan to incorporate into their ranks, which is none other than Gareth Bale.

Steve McManaman pointed to Gareth Bale, the Real Madrid player who, although diminished, could interest the British team as a flashy signing. The Welshman has a year left on his contract and could come at a fairly affordable price, even more considering his economy.

Bale is currently not playing regularly at Real Madrid and a move from Spain is highly on the cards for the Welsh captain.