PREMIER - Tottenham match postponed due to heavy snow

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PREMIER - Tottenham match postponed due to heavy snow
© photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport

Due to heavy snow at Turf Moor, the Premier League match between Burnley and Tottenham was called off just under an hour before kick-off on Sunday.

Attempts to clear the pitch were futile since the undersoil heating couldn't keep up, and snow fell faster than it could be cleared.

The news came soon after both clubs had named their lineups for the match in the northwest of England.

Spurs had arrived late at Turf Moor, arriving just over an hour before kickoff, and officials had decided to wait until both managers were present before making a final decision.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche expressed his disappointment, saying, "We were ready for the game, and I'm sure they were too."

"A lot of people have put forth a lot of effort over the previous few hours, but the pitch just keeps recovering every time they clear it." Our goalkeepers have just gone outside to warm up, and the ball has begun to gather snow.

"The referee also mentioned the safety viewpoint, so I believe they just made the best judgment they could."

"It's terribly disappointing," Tottenham manager Antonio Conte said, "but I believe the squad made the correct option."

"As you can see, they tried to chop off the snow 10 minutes ago, and now it's worse than before."

"We want to play football and have a good time, but I believe it is impossible in this circumstance."

Spurs sit sixth in the rankings, while Sean Dyche's Burnley were looking to climb out of the relegation zone after going undefeated in their previous four games.