PREMIER - Tottenham, Paratici keen on Bonucci and Rabiot

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PREMIER - Tottenham, Paratici keen on Bonucci and Rabiot

Fabio Paratici is taking great strides towards Tottenham and is already working on the possibility of bringing with him some of his Juventus 'pupils'.

As reported by, in fact, the manager has a weakness for Leonardo Bonucci, brought to Turin in his first season as a Juventus manager. The central from Viterbo is not willing to leave Juve, but Paratici will still try to give it a try.

Another player strongly wanted in Turin is Adrien Rabiot, taken on a free transfer. The Frenchman is not considered a non-transferable by Juve. And Gianluigi Buffon, who was decisive for Rabiot's arrival from PSG to Juve, could also find space in the Spurs.

Other suggestions are Paulo Dybala and Dejan Kulusevski, even if Juventus will hardly want to deprive themselves of them except for indispensable offers.