PREMIER - West Ham boss Moyes: "We overall played below our level"

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Source: West Ham TV
PREMIER - West Ham boss Moyes: "We overall played below our level"
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Commenting upon latest 0-0 draw of theirs, against Burnley, at Turf Moor, West Ham manager, David Moyes, stated:

"I think some of our players did below their standard level, against Burnley, and they need to get back up to the high standards they’d set if we’re going to remain in this position. I’d rather tell them that than not, because there is no point in me just pussy footing around and not saying anything, so I want to win, I want to play better and a few of them can certainly do that.

I think everyone knows that the games in the Premier League are so tough, coupled with the European games that we’ve had, and that does make it difficult, but that’s the League that we play in and we know what’s coming. I do think there has been a big load of injuries because of the Euros in the summer and players coming back after little time off, so unfortunately like everybody else we have picked up a few injuries.

I do believe it’s been tougher for players and it is for managers and coaches, having to prepare nearly every three days for a game.
In days gone by, yes, footballers would have played every three days and I’m well aware of that, and I was probably one of the players who used to play like that and quite enjoyed it, but I just think the way the game has changed, it’s much harder to get the players turned around and get them back out again quickly two or three days later on