PREMIER - Why won't Antonio Rudiger play in LaLiga?

26.10.2021 19:30 of E.B. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
PREMIER - Why won't Antonio Rudiger play in LaLiga?
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He is one of the players who is giving more to talk about and it is not for less. Antonio Rüdiger has already made the decision not to continue at Chelsea from next season. He will leave as a free agent like many other stars who have not yet expanded their contractual relationship with their current teams, so it only remains to know his next destination.

How could it be otherwise, given the possibility of adding one of the best central defenders in Europe at zero cost, many teams have made approaches with the player's environment, but his arrival will not be far from affordable for him. team that ends up accepting his signing.

One of the best destinations for the German defender would be the elite of Spanish football, but it is something that will not happen, at least for now. Why? Because although it could come in handy for teams like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, ​​the annual salary demanded by the good Rüdiger is unattainable for both.

12 million euros is the amount that the Teuton has requested to join his new team, figures that could be reached by other teams from England (such as Tottenham Hotspur), Germany (such as Bayern Munich) or Italy (AC Milan or Juventus Turin) who have also shown severe interest in signing the hard-hitting Chelsea defender.