TRANSFERS - Wijnaldum on Liverpool exit: "I didn't feel love"

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TRANSFERS - Wijnaldum on Liverpool exit: "I didn't feel love"
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Georginio Wijnaldum has spoken out over his Liverpool exit and revealed he 'didn't feel love' from a section of the fan-base during his final two seasons.

“Every day in training and in the game I gave everything," the midfielder told The Times' Henry Winter. "Liverpool meant so much to me. There was some moment when I didn’t feel love and appreciated there.

“Not by my teammates, not the people at Melwood. I know they all loved me and I loved them. It was not from that side, more from the other side.

“There was a moment when I didn’t feel loved. In the last two seasons, I had it a few times.

"The media didn’t help. There was a story like I didn’t accept the [Liverpool] offer because I wanted more money, and the fans made it like ‘OK, he didn’t get the offer so he doesn’t try his best to win games.’ Everything looked like it was against me. Some moments it was like, ‘Wow, me again?’

“The fans in the stadium and the fans in social media were two different things. In the stadium, I can say nothing bad about them. They always supported me.