FOCUS - AC Milan have become a mature team full of awareness

20.09.2021 22:40 of L.P. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
Source: Leonardo Palazzini
FOCUS - AC Milan have become a mature team full of awareness
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Yesterday's match between Juventus and Milan showed how beautiful Pioli's team is and the growth they have had. A start of pain for the Rossoneri, Morata's initial goal could have crushed anyone, not Milan. A team capable of knowing how to get up in moments of difficulty and that could almost win in Turin. These Milan players manage to give something more, always. The final part of the match from Milan was done well after the goal and perhaps the Rossoneri deserved more, but the draw was the fairest result, but Milan know how to stay on the pitch and are aware of being a strong team. Stefano Pioli confirmed it: "Juve started better, then we grew a lot".

The growth of this team is impressive, from Atalanta Milan 5-0 in December 2019 to Juventus-Milan on 19 September 2021, there are millions of reasons included: the return of Ibrahimovic, the important signings of young people who are now finally maturing as Leao, Theo, Tonali, Rebic and Tomori and Kjaer's experience. These and many others are the reasons why Milan is now a true, strong and brilliant team. The last market session could leave some doubts in the Rossoneri fans, the disposals of two important players like Chalanoglu and especially Donnarumma were not easy to digest, Maignan and the stay of Brahim Diaz immediately chased away all fears.

Pioli's formation can be read by heart: Maignan as a goalkeeper; Calabria, Kjaer, Tomori and Theo in defense; Tonali and Kessiè in midfield; Saelemakers, Diaz, Leao / Rebic as attacking midfielders and finally Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Olivier Giroud as attackers. Module 4-2-3-1. It will not be easy to say where the Rossoneri will arrive, even in the Champions League against Liverpool, Milan played a good game, only Henderson's great goal denied the joy of scoring points at Anfield but Pioli's team remained alive and able to react, as only a tough and confident team can do.