TOP STORIES - Wanda Nara's message on his relationship with Mauro Icardi

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TOP STORIES - Wanda Nara's message on his relationship with Mauro Icardi
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The episode is visibly over. For several days, the relationship between Mauro Icardi (28) and his wife, Wanda Nara, had faltered.

The marriage between the two lovebirds even seemed to be on the verge of coming to an end when the PSG striker would have even cheated on the 34-year-old model. But now, Wanda Icardi published a transparent message on Monday evening on her Instagram account, explaining that the star couple had survived this delicate period. 

“The photos I uploaded over the past few months show how good and happy we were. I was very hurt by what happened. Every day, I asked Mauro for a divorce. When he realized that there was no going back he told me that we couldn't go on like this, that if separation was the only way to end so much pain, then we should do it.

We went to the lawyer. In two days, Mauro accepted all the conditions and we signed the agreement. The next day he wrote me a letter like no one had ever written to me: "I gave you everything and you have everything, I hope you can be happy because that would make me happy." And there I realized something: that by owning everything, I have nothing if I am not with him. I am sure that this bad time that we are going through will strengthen our relationship and our family. The important thing is that we both had the freedom to end our 8 year history, but with our souls tired of crying, we again chose each other freely. I love you Mauro Icardi.” wrote the one who is also the Argentinian's agent. The former Inter Milan striker, very affected in recent days, could not focus 100% on PSG. Things are now clear.