LIGA - Barcelona, Laporta on Griezman: "...there is an interesting offer"

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LIGA - Barcelona, Laporta on Griezman: "...there is an interesting offer"
© photo Giacomo Morini

Yesterday Barcelona finally presented Memphis Depay as new player keeping alive the tradition of players from Holland with the team and he has some interesting words to say on everything:

On transfer market: "He is a first team player, he has a valid contract and we are counting on him. There has been some activity. The players that we are signing can be registered, like Memphis, Kun [Aguero] and Eric [Garcia]. You are well aware of the restrictions that are motivated by the debt we have. The ratio we have does not make it easy for us. We are working very well with LaLiga, Mateu Alemany is doing a great job because we have to follow the rules beyond [the fact that] we think are stricter than in other countries. We are confident that either by reducing the wage bill or with some formula accepted by LaLiga, we are seeing goodwill on the part of the organization and its president. He [Javier Tebas] is the first one who is interested in having great footballers like Memphis come and play here, but there are rules. The players have reacted well and they are understanding. They are listening to the proposals and looking for solutions."

On Messi: "The player has always said that he wants to continue, there is no doubt about that. We are making progress in all the negotiations involving a contract of this type. They are working very well and it is a wish that we all have. We do not hide our willingness for him to continue, to be here for many years."

On Griezmann, sporting director Mateu Alemany: "We value Griezmann a lot, he is top level and we are very happy. Given our situation, we have been open [to offers] but it will not be easy for someone to come with an important offer."