LIGA - Barcelona, Pedri has very tough competition with Gavi

12.10.2021 20:25 of E.B. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
LIGA - Barcelona, Pedri has very tough competition with Gavi
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The emergence of Gavi in ​​the present day of the Barcelona Football Club has been as unexpected as it was interesting for the interests of the team led by Ronald Koeman. The presence of the youth squad in the plans of the Spanish National Team leads him to an almost guaranteed title at the Camp Nou, and there the worst part is taken by Pedri.

The reality is that, if Ronald Koeman wants to start Gavi, and his most recent performance deserves it, the sacrifice would be Pedri. For the Dutchman, the presence of Sergio Busquets as the center of the team is indisputable and the presence of Frenkie de Jong ahead in the shuttle area, more of the same.

It is for this reason that Pedri could be a substitute and that is because his performance at the beginning of the season has not been as expected. His timing of his form is not the best, especially after the injury, and he could receive a rather significant personal setback.

In addition, the fact that Pedri was a substitute in the Barcelona Football Club for a long period of time would not only be a specific problem, but also in the long term, since we are in the season prior to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the soccer player's dream, as of many others, it would be to be there with his Selection.

Barcelona's present plans will dictate judgment, but the competition has grown tremendously with the latest games signed by Gavi.