LIGA - Cholo Simeone dreams of bringing his son for free next summer

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LIGA - Cholo Simeone dreams of bringing his son for free next summer
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Every father wants to fulfill one of his dreams: to train his son, to form a bench-playing field pair that ends up being unforgettable. And no, this does not mean that, necessarily, professionalism has to be separated from personal favors, although there are numerous examples of this, since in many cases this failure is found.

However, the fact that Diego Pablo Simeone wants to have his son on the mattress squad next season responds to a fact that goes far beyond her being his son. Giovanni Simeone has shown that he is one of the best strikers in Serie A in recent seasons, a young talent of many carats whose progression continues to point upwards.

Without going any further, on the last day he already managed to close a very successful performance scoring 4 goals with the Hellas Verona shirt that he now defends against a very important rival such as SS Lazio.

His performance at Fiorentina and Cagliari was equally remarkable and his career cries out for a qualitative and quantitative leap that Atlético de Madrid could give him at the hands of his father. Even more so if we take into account that from the Metropolitan Wanda they work to continue adding forwards and have been linked with other names.

El Cholo already has his other son in the rojiblanco subsidiary, a Giuliano Simeone with a tremendous appearance. We will see if the entire footballing family of the Argentines ends up meeting in the rojiblanco team.