LIGA - Willian Jose is doing well after his departure from Real Sociedad

16.10.2021 16:30 of E.B. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
LIGA - Willian Jose is doing well after his departure from Real Sociedad
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Willian Jose, Brazilian forward of Betis, has made some statements in which he wanted to explain the reasons why he made the decision this summer to leave Real Sociedad and try his luck in the Verdiblanco team under the command of Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini, with the one that is showing a great level despite initial doubts.

"I had been there for five years and scoring a lot of goals, but I had problems with the club's management, not with my teammates. Being at Betis is a challenge for me, because I have to win over the fans and my teammates. My goal is to do things well with Betis, finish up and we'll see how many goals I score. If things go well, the goals will come for sure. The future? I'm doing well in Seville, my family is doing well, and I want to continue doing things well. At the end of the season we will see what happens, "said the Brazilian forward, who arrived on loan with a purchase option that Betis already values ​​in executing.

So far this year, Willian Jose adds a total of four in eight games played with a Real Betis that finally seems to have found a forward with guarantees to face a course with an existing calendar due to the team's participation in the Europa League This being another showcase that was key for the Brazilian footballer to decide to leave Real Sociedad after a year in which the threats about his goodbye were constant.