LIGA - Xavi explains the mistake Koeman makes with Busquets

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LIGA - Xavi explains the mistake Koeman makes with Busquets
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One of the main problems of Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​despite whoever it may be, is Ronald Koeman. Without being less certain that the economic situation of the team is despicable and that the current squad does not give to compete for great titles, the reality is that this group of players can get much more performance than they are getting.

Clearly, Ronald Koeman has a lot of work ahead of him if he wants to keep his job and it is that the tactical problems in the management of the squad, his positioning and style of play come to light with great ease, even from the hand of authorized voices in the FC Barcelona that uncover them.

This is the case of Xavi Hernandez, the more than possible future cule coach, current Al-Sadd coach, who analyzes in this video fragment one of the Dutchman's big mistakes: not getting the most out of Sergio Busquets.

When we see the Catalan pivot at the hand of Luis Enrique in the Spanish National Team and a few days later in Can Barca, the difference is bloody.

Each footballer has a series of skills to enhance that depend on the role given to the player, who are his companions, how they are arranged ... And there, the figure of Sergio Busquets in Ronald Koeman's FC Barcelona is badly managed .

Understanding his presence as a 5 that generates superiority with the ball and orbiting the rest of the players on his influence radar would give the player a higher level and place the team closer to his interests. Xavi Hernandez understands it, we will see if Ronald Koeman.