MLS - Nani praises Orlando City teammate Daryl Dike

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MLS - Nani praises Orlando City teammate Daryl Dike
© photo Federico Gaetano

Nani, a Portuguese icon, joined presenter Stephen Keel for an Instagram Live interview, giving his thoughts on the 21-year-old striker for the US men's national team.

"Daryl is a special boy," Nani said. "For me, very humble. Obviously, when the kids start to play the game and start doing well on the field, start scoring goals, you start to feel like a star and you hear the fans calling for your name, it's normal to ... as we say in my country, the nose goes a little bit up.

" ... With the good conversations, he listens to all the players and the coaches, and the lasting result is what you see," Nani added. "He's been humble, he's been paying attention, he wants to help the team, he wants to learn, the most important thing is he wants to learn. Everything he's taken in, he listens. ... I think he's much more mature, he understands much better the game, his motivation is so high, his confidence, he's caring. So it's good for us."