SOCIAL - Donnarumma salutes Milan fans with Instagram post

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SOCIAL - Donnarumma salutes Milan fans with Instagram post
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Gianluigi Donnaruma's time as the Milan number 1 is now officially over, but the goalkeeper, who has always declared that he's a Milan fan, decided to say good-bye to the rossoneri  supporters with a heartfelt message in an Instagram post:

"Some decisions are difficult, but they are part of a man's growth. I arrived at Milan as little more than a child. For eight years I wore these colors with pride; we fought, we suffered, we won, cried, cheered, together with my teammates, coaches, everyone who was part of the Club, together with the fans who are an integral part of what was a family for many years. With the rossonera jersey I achieved many important personal goals, like my Serie A debut at 16. I lived through many wonderful years that I'll never forget. Now the time to say good-bye is here, a difficult choice that cannot be explained in a post on Instagram, or maybe it cannot be explained at all, because the deepest feelings can hardly be put into words. What I can say is that sometimes change is the right choice, in order to find different challenges, grow, become complete. All the rossoneri I met, from the first to the last day, will always be in my heart as an important, crucial part of the life path that made me who I am today. I wish Milan all the success in the world, and I do it from the heart, thanks to the love that I have for these colors, a feeling that time and distance cannot erase".