SOCIAL - Sturridge moves to Australia, seeks barber for a trim

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SOCIAL - Sturridge moves to Australia, seeks barber for a trim
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Daniel Sturridge's nascent playing career received a much-needed boost recently when he accepted an offer from Perth Glory in Australia.

The Englishman's transfer to Turkey was a complete flop, as his contract was amicably canceled just months after he arrived.

He's been hunting for a club to play for since then, and after more than a year of looking, the Western Australian team has chosen to take a chance on him.

Sturridge recently arrived in Australia and has been placed in a mandatory hotel quarantine.

That hasn't stopped him from reaching out to his new community in search of something he plainly values: a barber.

Sturridge went into great detail on his Instagram story, stating a slew of demanding criteria as he looks for someone to keep his legendary trim.

"Need a barber in Perth WA on Thursday. Only put your CV forward if you're top level," Sturridge began.

"You see the vibes, crispy clean, smooth like I wash my face with cake soap.

"If you've never cut hair like mine don't bother putting your CV forward, my hairline is important to me. It's straight. I don't want to leave AU with an M head hairline.

"Please proceed to put your CV forward if after all I've said you still fit the description. Top level craftsmanship, barber level on 1000 but don't charge anywhere near that much, if you do you are out of the running.

"Shaky hands I rebuke you. Don't bluff me. I'm gonna look on your profile. If your pics ain't good don't bother putting your CV forward - you are out the running.

"I had time today. Well I have time every day I'm in quarantine. Still. Bye for now."