EXCLUSIVE - Angelo ALESSIO: Chelsea can win the Champions League

"Tuchel decisive, Kante superb not only as a footballer. Mourinho? He will do well at Roma"
12.05.2021 10:35 of Matteo Rubinato   See readings
Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Angelo ALESSIO: Chelsea can win the Champions League
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"Tuchel decisive, Kante superb not only as a footballer. Mourinho? He will do well at Roma"

Waiting to find a new opportunity to give him a fresh start after his experience at Kilmarnock, Angelo Alessio has not detached himself from the world of football and continues to follow his former clubs in which he coached and won with interest. This stupefying Chelsea, after having completely changed course with the arrival of Tuchel, is one step away from the great feat of winning the Champions League and is enjoying a brilliant  spell in the Premier League. The London derby with Arsenal can once again mean a Champions League berth, while also waiting for the match that could crown the Blues as Champions of Europe. TransfermarketWeb was able to catch up with Angelo, to talk about the blues and more:

In the rematch of the Champions League final to be, Chelsea beat City for the second time in a row.  While Guardiola’s men remain the favorites, do you think that Chelsea can be the surprise of the Istanbul final?

"With Tuchel at the helm, the team and every single player have had an exponential growth. The current Chelsea squad plays good football and are going through a great period of form. If they are able to maintain this determination and intensity of play, they will be able to win the Champions League, in my opinion."

But first they need to earn a Champions League spot again. How do you see the match against Arsenal and what are your feelings given that you have experienced the London derby first-hand?

"In London there are many derbies, but the one against Arsenal is undoubtedly the most important one. We can compare it with the one between Juventus and Torino. The game is open to all kinds of results, but Chelsea is unstoppable at the moment, in my opinion."

How much did the Lampard / Tuchel change affect the results from January onwards?

"Tuchel was instrumental. I think the experience he gained while coaching other teams, especially PSG, is the most important aspect to point out. The team has undergone a complete transformation with a series of outstanding results in a row, a whole other level compared to the one coached by Lampard. Chelsea are deserving everything they are achieving."

Of those guys you coached, who is the most surprising?

"Kante is doing fantastic job, but he is amazing on and off the pitch. Azpilicueta and Rudiger are also doing very well, I'm happy for them."

A comment on Mourinho at Roma. Do you think he will do well? Will he adapt again to an Italian league that is different than when he left?

"Mourinho is a prestigous and experienced coach, I think Italian football will bring out his best attributes. He will be a 360° manager. He will have no problem adapting to our league, as long as the club does its part and acquires 3 or 4 quality players for him."