INTERVIEWS - Ethan Laird speaks on first international debut, United, etc

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INTERVIEWS - Ethan Laird speaks on first international debut, United, etc
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Manchester United full-back Ethan Laird, currently on loan at Swansea City, was interviewed by Callum McFadden for WFi on various subjects pertaining to his career.

On journey through the academy system at Manchester United?

“It’s hard to sum up as I’ve been at the club for a number of years now. I started as a young whippersnapper to be honest and if there was a tackle to be had then I was there.

“I had the raw ability but I had to work on my technical development and I owe a lot to Eamon Mulvey who had faith in me and helped me kick on year after year.

“All I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a child was play football and to be where I am now makes me very happy.”

On first-ever goal for United in the EFL trophy

“To be fair, I was delighted with the goal but even more delighted with the performance as a whole. It was the first time as a squad that we had played in the EFL trophy against a fully professional first team".

On first experience of international tournament football

“It was another great learning experience for me because I broke into the England squad during the year leading up to the tournament.

On aims going forward

“I’m loving my time on loan at this moment. It’s a step on my journey that is needed. I have lots of dreams and aspirations.

“Of course, I want to be a Manchester United player but I have to work towards that step by step and that’s what I’m aiming to do now in every training session and in every match.”

“I played centre back which was different for me but I enjoyed it. Being recognised as one of the best footballers in my age group in England was a great feeling."