EXCLUSIVE - Jackson MARTINEZ: "Colombia can win the Copa America"

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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Jackson MARTINEZ: "Colombia can win the Copa America"

"Colombia managed to qualify as third in Brazil’s group and they will face Uruguay in a few hours. It’s never an easy match, due both to the strength of the opponent and the experience of Tabarez’s squad." This according to Jackson Martinez, former striker of "Los Cafeteros", who talked about the quarter-final match between Colombia and Uruguay to TransferMarketWeb:

What is Uruguay’s secret?

"I think one of the secrets is Tabarez, a coach who has managed to pass his firmness and ability to the team over the years. He is a great reference point for the players, they respect him and strongly believe in his ideas. I think that Colombia will have to do everything to play a good match, two of the biggest dangers are Suarez and Cavani, obviously."

Uruguay is not an easy opponent, but can Colombia win the Copa America?

"I think Colombia can win the Copa America, they are one of the candidates and the numbers say so. Coach Rueda is back home and this makes me happy, Colombian football must trust Colombian managers because so many are doing well. even outside the country. Rueda has excellent group management, the players always say so and this is important for a manager. I want my former teammates to be able to reach the final and win the trophy. In the meantime, however, let's see how it goes with the Uruguay, with the hope that things go the best way possible."

Could James' absence be a disadvantage in such crucial matches?

"You can feel his absence. James is a Colombia starter, he always has been, and you can't help but feel that he isn't there. James is a difference-maker, he can contribute a lot. Having said that, there are players who don't have his traits but they can bring something different. You can’t compare: James brings something, others bring something else. Colombia, however, is full of top level players and it isn’t always the case that champions are always at the required level for them to make the most of your national team."