EXCLUSIVE - “Jaws” Jordan: "England-Scotland better than Milan derby"

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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - “Jaws” Jordan: "England-Scotland better than Milan derby"
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"The battle of Britain is more important than the derby of Milan, but I’ll settle with a draw". According to Joe Jordan, former Scotland player. "Italy? They are the Euros dark horse. England-Scotland is never a match for the faint of heart. Joe Jordan knows this all too well, the "Jaws" donned Scotland’s jersey 52 times and played in England with Manchester United and Southampton: "The Scots always hope to win the battle of Britain, because the match between Scotland and England is more important than a derby between Milan and Inter. And this match will be played at Wembley, also a very important aspect ", his interview to TransfermarketWeb:

Is there a chance that Scotland beat England?

"England are the clear-cut favorites in the match, but in football anything can happen. The English players are young, talented and experienced, but we need to see them in these challenging matches in order to evaluate them better."

As a good Scotsman your wish is for your nation's victory, but if they lose you may not be that unhappy.

"This never is a trivial challenge, my hope is to always see Scotland win. I think of players like McTominey and Robertson playing in England, tonight it’s their chance to do well against their team mates in the Premier."

Can Scotland hope for third place qualification?

"Unfortunately with the Czech Republic it was a bad game, so the European Championship got off to a bad start. Our team must score at least one point, so we can hope if we beat Croatia in Glasgow. To win against England we will need luck to be on our side and take advantage of what will hopefully be a great day for our players."

We are talking about England, but Croatia are also a formidable squad

"I think our group is one of the most difficult ones at these Euros. Croatia is a strong team, but it's not like it was two or three years ago. I worked with Luka Modric and I know him very well, he is the focal point for his teammates as well as a born leader. He always wants to win and it will be no different against us."

Who is your favorite to win the European Championship?

"France are the best team, but as we say there is a 'dark horse' and I think that it’s Italy. Before playing the Euros, this team had never lost and managed to repeat that success with Turkey and Switzerland. Mancini’s team, who already showed a great style of football in the Premier League when he was managing Manchester City, has a great team spirit and always wants to win. "