EXCLUSIVE - Jorginho's agent Joao Santos: "Everything is so surreal. His goal is the WC in Qatar"

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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Jorginho's agent Joao Santos: "Everything is so surreal. His goal is the WC in Qatar"
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"I am very happy because Jorginho has entered the history of Italian football, because no one has ever managed to become European champion for clubs and national teams at the same time." Thoughts and words from Joao Santos, Jorginho's agent, who talks about his client's victory in the European Championship exclusively at TransfermarketWeb:

Were you able to talk with him after the game?

"He told me that everything is so surreal, I believe that only today he will begin to understand that he has won the European Championship."

Was he a bit desperate for the missed penalty?

"It was the most beautiful missed penalty. Jorginho wasn't lucky, but Pickford was good at understanding where he would’ve shot. Not bad, because then Donnarumma took care of everything."

Do you consider it a twist of fate to have won the European title in London, in the city of his Chelsea?

"More than a sign of destiny, I think that Chelsea and Italy were not the favorites to win the final. The Azzurri deserved the European title, because they managed to beat Belgium, Spain and England at Wembley".

What is Jorginho's best match at the European Championship?

"In my opinion the one against Spain, because the Spaniards delivered the best football in the whole European Championship. I saw Jorginho as fundamental in preventing his opponents from scoring two or three goals."

In 2011 he played with Sambonifacese, today he is European champion. Has a circle been closed?

"His goal is the World Cup in Qatar, as Jorginho wants to help Italy win against Brazil, Argentina and the best national teams. This is just an aperitif."

So winning the World Cup was already his big goal when he started wearing the Italy shirt?

"Yes, because he arrived in Italy when he was 15 and wanted to play for the Azzurri. It is true that he was born in Brazil, but his blood is Italian."

Ventura said he didn't know where to let Jorginho play. What is the reaction three years later?

"I think he could not have Jorginho play in his form, as happened to Lampard in Chelsea. There is also some merit from Ventura, because he called him up for Italy anyway. And Mancini was good at building a very young team, this national team will still be at the top for many years. "

Is Jorginho a real candidate for Ballon d'Or?

"For the successes obtained and for the regularity demonstrated in his performances, his first goal is to get inside the list that make up the 30 candidates. If that happens, then Jorginho will try to play it".

Will we see him again at Chelsea?

"Yes, this year I think so".