EXCLUSIVE - Moggi: "Dybala must stay. My Juve would have won at +30"

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EXCLUSIVE - Moggi: "Dybala must stay. My Juve would have won at +30"

In the interview with Transfermarketweb, the former manager of Juventus, Naples, Turin and Rome, Luciano Moggi, also spoke about Dybala and Ronaldo:

Juve could decide to keep Dybala and Morata, unlike Ronaldo who could leave. What do you think?

"Dybala has to stay at Juve, he is a top player who can still continue to grow. The same goes for Morata, but we first would need to know how the other players feel about that. I would not have signed Ronaldo three years ago, not because I think he’s not a quality player but because he tends to center play unto himself. For a team that tries to play collectively, it becomes a problem. If we look at goals scored by Juventus, we see that figures are lower than in previous years. If you ask yourself why, you’ll understand."

What if I don't understand it?

"I'll gladly explain it: all the balls went to Ronaldo, so team play and the possibility for other players to score is lost. The numbers say so, not Luciano Moggi".

Is there a visible difference, in your opinion, between this Juve and yours, twenty years ago?

"Between this team and my Juventus there is a clear difference, mine would have won with at least a 30 points gap. There can be no comparison, all the areas were perfect. Now we start saying that the midfield is so-so, defense is always a problem when Chiellini is not playing,  and we already talked about the problems of the attack".