EXCLUSIVE - Robert Pires is sure: "Mbappé will stay at PSG"

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Source: by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Robert Pires is sure: "Mbappé will stay at PSG"

Robert Pires should be remembered as the player of the first times, because he was part of France in the 1998 World Cup and one of the main actor among the 2003/2004 season with the unbeatable Arsenal. In a transfer market that in a month saw many French people change shirts, Transfermarketweb interviewed Pires to talk in depth about this and more.

One of the news of the week was the transfer of Raphael Varane to Manchester United. Will he be able to adapt to a much more physical football like the Premier League?

"Yes, Raphael will certainly adapt to English football. Surely there will be matches in which he will suffer physical clashes, but he is now a player of great experience. I see him well paired with Maguire, they will form an excellent duo."

Were you surprised that Real Madrid gave up their starting defensive pair?

"Of course, on my part there was a bit of surprise. In my opinion, president Perez wants to renew his team, but replacing Ramos and Varane will not be easy. For sure, the signing of David Alaba is a good choice."

Speaking of PSG, will Pochettino's team sign Pogba and Ronaldo?

"I would like to see Pogba and Ronaldo in Paris, but it will be very complicated. In football, however, everything is always possible."

Will Mbappe stay at PSG?

"I think Mbappé will stay at PSG, his goal is to win the Champions League with Paris and I think he can do it."

There are two other Frenchmen, Maignan and Giroud, who have changed teams. Will they do well in the Serie A?

"Giroud and Maignan will do well for Milan, who will be one of the favorites to win the championship. Olivier will bring a lot of experience and with Zlatan they will form a a dangerous duo. Thinking about it, I wouldn't want to be in the opposing defenders."