EXCLUSIVE - The story of Joshua Perez: from LA trought Fiorentina

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Source: Interview by Matteo Rubinato
EXCLUSIVE - The story of Joshua Perez: from LA trought Fiorentina

Hi Josh, first of all thanks for accepting our invitation. You are still so young but it looks like you have already travelled twice around the world. Can we start explaining which type of soccer player you think you are?

I believe I am the type of soccer player that fits in the modern day football but more technical. I think I fit with the generational talent, haven’t had the right club to fit in or be considered for the talent I have, but slowly but surely I’m getting to where I want to be.

You were born and raised in LA area and in your family soccer plays a huge role: can you explain to us how you moved to Firenze and you played for all Fiorentina youth teams till making your debut at one of the most important stadium of the world?

So I left the USA when I was 12 on a trial scouted by Fiorentina. I was going back and forth from Italy to LA because of international papers but at the age of 18 I ended up doing really well in my first season with the reserve team leading up to a debut with the first team. Memorable moment for me for sure! Love the club and country.

After Fiorentina you moved to Livorno in third Division: in my opinion it is really hard for a foreigner playing in Italian second or third division. What do you remember about that period?

I think it was a good move for me, thinking about it now, but I tried to do my best when I had the opportunity to play. But overall great accomplishment getting promoted to second division that year. At the end I think I should have stayed playing in the 2nd division in Italy, at the moment it felt right to move back to LA.

You decided then to come back home and u played with LAFC and went close to win the MLS Cup

LA was a option I thought was great, I struggled to find my place in the beginning but like any club it was normal. I ended doing a lot better my second year, growing  and getting more minutes. But overall I knew I had the talent to go back to Europe and knew one day I could come back to the MLS.

Now you move to Spain and you are playing for Ibiza in Spain third division: can you tell us what in your opinion are the main difference to play soccer in Italy, USA and Spain?

Main differences between the 3 countries for me are: in the MLS it is still an evolving league where it’s not as easy as people think , but still competing at a high level. Spain for me a place where technically great players sharpen themselves from lower leagues and eventually arrive at a higher division or league. Lastly, Italy passionate in their football , obsessed with tactics , but really a good high level to grasp the pressure/technical and defensive tactical game.

Less than 6 months ago u became Salvadorian too and you are playing for the national team and actually u scored 3 goals in 4 games. You are close to make your debut in the Gold Cup and what are your expectations?

Yes fortunately the national team has been a key piece  in my career right now to expose myself and show the world what I really can do and more as the games go on. I have high expectations for myself , but I love the challenge it’s what motivates me to keep pushing and grow and be the best version of myself. I love the game and will continue showcase in gold cup and in the future tournaments as well.

Thanks for your time and please promise us you will be back after the Gold Cup to tell us how the competition went.