EXCLUSIVE - Vecchi (former Ancelotti's staff): "Carlo in Madrid left a good memory"

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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Vecchi (former Ancelotti's staff): "Carlo in Madrid left a good memory"
© photo Federico De Luca

"It was one of the most beautiful surprises for me, I'm really very happy. Carlo left a good memory in those two years, he came back because of that".

This is the first comment of William Vecchi, the historic goalkeepers coach for the clubs managed by Carlo Ancelotti, has with TransferMarketWeb.

It was all so fast that you were unaware of this news too.

"I met Carlo last Tuesday, the circumstance was very sad because his ex wife had just passed away. We talked for a good half hour about Everton and other things, but Real Madrid was never in the conversation. I was amazed by the time, everything happened so fast."

Carlo II, The Return, how will it be like coaching in Madrid this time?

"I think Carlo can do an excellent job. Real Madrid is in a somewhat particular phase because the most important players are starting to age and I don't know which players will be bought. I guess Real Madrid will continue the renewal phase that has already started with Zidane."

And the fans will be very happy to cheer for him again.

"Yes, Carlo left a very good memory in the environment. They will accept his comeback with enthusiasm."