SERIE A - Federico Cherubini spoke about CR7, Kean and his new role

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SERIE A - Federico Cherubini spoke about CR7, Kean and his new role
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Federico Cherubini, heir of Fabio Paratici at Juventus, spoke in a very long interview with Tuttosport, here the main statements from Ronaldo to the new signings of the summer.

RONALDO - "The possibilities to keep him were not there. Certain decisions are not negotiable and, after all, it would not have been appropriate for the club, because the club is more important than anything and will always remain, beyond the players. So, for the good of the club it was right to focus on the future and not hold Ronaldo back. And the choice we faced was not: Cristiano comes out, as we replace him. It was: Cristiano comes out, we have to think about anticipating a piece of the future, the one we would have built at the end of this season, when his contract would have expired. And so we did ”.

KEAN - “Is he a replacement for Ronaldo? that's just wrong. And this reasoning should be cleared away. We anticipate the future by a year, we do not replace Ronaldo with Kean. Also because Ronaldo is not replaceable, I don't think there would have been anyone comparable to him on the market. Cristiano comes out and, let's say, closes a sort of cycle, phase, of CR7 era at Juve and another one opens, which is not the replacement of a player with another whose value and differences I then weigh, but a operation in line with the direction we would have taken anyway. Trying to give a signal: to bring home a boy who comes out of the basic activity of the club, so that he can become an example for those who are part of it now, the signal that in Juventus there is room for those who grow in the youth sector " .

MARKET - “We have an investment plan for the next few years and we already know how much we could spend on the market. And I am convinced that we will be able to seize other opportunities, obviously oriented to the type of purchasing campaign we have conducted so far: young people with great potential and, possibly, Italians. While you need to be cautious in making predictions, you need to understand what kind of market will return when the effects of the pandemic finally fade. This year there has been a schizophrenic market: to a global economic problem, there have been very different domestic responses, even for different circumstances ".