TMW - Cesc Fabregas: "Partizado at Wembley. About Mancini..."

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TMW - Cesc Fabregas: "Partizado at Wembley. About Mancini..."
© photo Federico Gaetano

Cesc Fabregas, ex Arsenal player, told to Tuttomercatoweb

What impression have Roberto Mancini's blues made on you so far?

"I like them, the coach Mancini has built a good team and the Azzurri are going strong both a lot and Spain mentally. What will be a great test."

Verratti, Barella, Insigne... Some have compared this Italy to Cesc Fabregas' Spain (or Barça). What do you think?

"Each team is made in its own way and each player is different from the others, but from my point of view it is certainly stimulating to see that a game model centered on players with a low center of gravity can still triumph in the game. current football. There is some similarity. "

Who goes to the final between Italy and Spain in your opinion?

"I told you: tonight anything can happen and, without being trivial, I say 50% and 50%. A "partidazo" is waiting for us at Wembley, let's enjoy it!".