LIGUE 1 - Lyon vs Marseille incidents: Antoine Kombouaré's anger

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LIGUE 1 - Lyon vs Marseille incidents: Antoine Kombouaré's anger
© photo Federico De Luca

A man of convictions, Antoine Kombouaré always stands out with his eternal frankness. Present at a press conference before FC Nantes' trip to Lille on Saturday (5 p.m.), the Nantes technician returned to the incidents that marked the start of the match between OL and OM last Sunday at Groupama Stadium. Unbearable events that drive the Canaries coach mad with rage.

“I sat in front of my TV set because in six days (next Wednesday), we're playing Marseille. I said to myself 'hey I'm going to have a good time and I'm going to work watching this game', I'm very interested in what this OM team can do."

"And then after five minutes, nothing. I was very frustrated, and my frustration turned to anger. It is not possible, these are things that repeat themselves, and become more and more serious! Above all, I was very upset when I saw Dimitri on the ground. I can't see these images anymore, it's a very serious thing to think that there are people who come to see a game to assault a player. This is unacceptable, unthinkable. These people are criminals, they have nothing to give a fuck in the stadiums, they must be banned for life, " Kombouaré commented.