LIGUE 1 - Mbappe's mother speaks on his transfer and contract renewal

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LIGUE 1 - Mbappe's mother speaks on his transfer and contract renewal
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Fayza Lamari, the forward's mother, also talked to Le Parisien regarding her son's future.

Lamari, the Frenchman's father Wilfrid Mbappé, and his lawyer Delphine Verheyden are in charge of managing Mbappé's career at Paris Saint-Germain. She specifically mentioned the idea of Mbappé staying at the club for another year, despite his request for a move to Real Madrid this summer.

On contract renewal

We are in talks with PSG right now and it’s going well. I even spoke to Leonardo last night [Monday]. But will we reach an outcome? One thing is sure: he will give his all right up until the end to win the Champions League. Kylian needs to feel satisfied. If he’s unhappy, he is capable of telling you: “I’m stopping my career”. And he says that to us often, actually [smiles]. With Kylian, it can all change from one day to the next.

On the desire to leave PSG as a result of her

That’s how it was framed – the dad wanting him to stay, the mother and the lawyer wanting him to leave. None of us three decides. When Kylian wants something, whatever you do, he will go for it. It’s his Kabyle side that comes out [laughs]. It’s easy to blame me for it. He didn’t leave, he’s at PSG and he’s happy about it. You can have a desire to leave without turning your back on the place you want to leave from. Choosing between staying at PSG and going to Real Madrid is like choosing between your parents.

Asked whether she was present during contract negotiation

Yes, with Wilfrid and Delphine. We turned down PSG’s first offer and then a second one at the end of the window, around mid-August. When we negotiate, first we find an agreement on the sporting side of things, because after that the financial aspect is sorted in an hour.