LIGUE 1 - OM-PSG: Dimitri Payet urged the Marseille's fans to calm

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LIGUE 1 - OM-PSG: Dimitri Payet urged the Marseille's fans to calm
© photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport

Paris Saint-Germain will be on the pitch at Olympique de Marseille on Sunday evening (8:45 p.m.) for the highly anticipated El Classico.

A meeting which should take place in an electric atmosphere at the Stade Vélodrome. While Pablo Longoria sent a letter to supporters on Friday calling for calm and avoiding any excesses, Dimitri Payet did the same in a video posted on social media.

"Marseillaises, Marseillais, good evening, once is not customary, I am not used to expressing myself like that on the networks, but I think tonight is important. There is an important message that needs to be integrated, that needs to be understood. The president has already done this very well with the letter he sent to our groups of supporters, to our supporters, to all the Marseille fans who will be at the stadium tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night is a Clasico, we know what that means for the club, for the city, for us, the Marseillais, the players. But above all, it must remain a party. I think that tomorrow it must remain the festival of football. It must remain a great sporting event. We have to talk about it like a game, a great football game. This leads me to my post. Marseille supporters, tomorrow we need you. I know that the encouragement, your presence, the tifos, everything will come together, but we also need an example. A slogan that is close to our hearts: forever the first. Let us be the first to set this example forever. May the party be beautiful in a Clasico as important as that of tomorrow. It doesn't matter if there is extra-sportsman, whatever happens on the pitch, whatever happens, the score not the score, we need an example.

Let’s be the first to set an example for everyone. To show that a Clasico can go well. We on the pitch, the players, the staff, will be exemplary. We need you on this one. Remember that we are on borrowed time, we may lose a point and all points are important. These are points that will be missed at the end of the season. We need everyone, we must all be together. Tomorrow I trust you, we need you, be exemplary, be well. Good evening everyone, go OM and see you tomorrow."