LIGUE 1 - PSG, Mbappé: "AS Monaco? I can't be sentimental"

10.12.2021 10:06 of Claudio Colla   see readings
LIGUE 1 - PSG, Mbappé: "AS Monaco? I can't be sentimental"
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Ahead of facing his home club, AS Monaco, in upcoming Ligue 1 match, Paris Saint-Germain star hitman Kylian Mbappé stated:

"We are always happy, because all we want to do is to win. Of course, afterwards when you analyse the matches, you say to yourself that you could have put the game to bed before the end of the match. We are also aware of the fact that, when we analyse these matches, with the team that we have, we can't allow ourselves to get into those kind of difficulties. But in the heat of the moment, of course we are happy because it's something that we have gone out and secured together. These victories aren't stolen, we secure them with courage, all of us together and that shows that we have a real strength of character and personality.

Ligue 1 is tough league, a very tough one, and very physical! There is an incredible intensity, the players are really ready to get stuck in, to make strong tackles, it's not easy. I think that this year, there is some top football too, I think it's more pleasing on the eye than in previous years. But it's a league that is reputed for being very physical and very tactical. So it's true that it requires some adaptation, especially for us. We have quite a few players who don't know the league. It means you need time to adapt, but I think that we are on the right path.

Our fans' return to Parc des Princes definitely made a difference! We have already spoken about it, between the players, and in certain matches that we lost at home last season, we know that it was also due to the fact that we didn't necessarily feel at home. We were at the Parc des Princes, but the stadium felt empty. It's true that there are matches where we said to ourselves that with our supporters, we would never have lost them. And that's true. I think they give us an extra push. They give us a lot of strength, they help us to go out and pick up results. They also push us to wake up at times when we start a match too passively. They are there to encourage us. We know that in those moments, there are people behind us, who expect a result. I think that the supporters bring us a lot and we are lucky to have them with us.

Playing against AS Monaco, of course, is different for me. First of all, it's a big match. A huge league match. And they are a big club, who know how to perform in big matches. Of course, for me, it's extra special. I played there for a long time and still have friends there. There is always that adrenalin that runs through your veins. But when you play for Paris Saint-Germain, there is no time to be sentimental. You need to win and I will do all that I can to help my team to do so".