LIGUE 1 - PSG: Oscar Ruggeri criticized Mauricio Pochettino

21.09.2021 11:20 of A.R. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
LIGUE 1 - PSG: Oscar Ruggeri criticized Mauricio Pochettino
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Mauricio Pochettino must have whistling ears. Since taking the decision to replace Lionel Messi in the 75th minute of the clash against Olympique Lyonnais (2-1), the Paris Saint-Germain coach has been widely criticized across Europe and in his country too.

Former Albiceleste international and world champion in 1986 who became a consultant for ESPN, Oscar Ruggeri sharply tackled Pochettino.

“He left pissed off. No matter how much feedback I get, I don't take it out. And when you take out a player like him, you don't have to go looking for him, leave him alone. We must not reach out to him. This kind of guy can't get off the pitch!

If he had spoken to him (before replacing him) he (Messi) would have shook his hand. But he did not speak to him, he replaced him without consulting him. Do you think Messi would have continued to play if he had had a muscle injury? He would have asked her to replace him. Messi wants to play football, he wants to be on the pitch.” he said. Pochettino will appreciate.