LIGUE 1 - PSG remain hopeful on Mbappe

14.10.2021 17:00 of A.S. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
LIGUE 1 - PSG remain hopeful on Mbappe
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Mauricio Pochettino remains confident that Kylian Mbappe can be convinced to sign a new contract at Paris Saint-Germain.

He has told COPE: "Kylian will make the decision he has to make and the club will do everything possible to keep him, because we're taking about one of the best players in the world at 22.

"I'm left with the fact that the situation is open and in the future anything can happen, the position of a few months ago may change in the future, PSG as a club certainly have the ambition and ability to persuade him and offer him things so that he can stay and be happy, the possibilities that he could change his mind are there."