PREMIER - Arsenal, Arteta: "Martinelli has come a long, long way"

19.12.2021 14:00 of Claudio Colla   see readings
PREMIER - Arsenal, Arteta: "Martinelli has come a long, long way"

Commenting upon Arsenal easy win over Leeds United, at Elland Road, provided also by a brace scored by Gabriel Martinelli, Gunners manager, Mikel Arteta, stated:

"Well, we see our players every day, and we know where the players have to be to be able to appear in the right frame, and then sustain that level into the season. We’ve started to use Gabi more and more when we thought that was the case. There’s no point exposing a player even when there’s a lot of opinions that it has to be done because it won’t be beneficial for the player. And in the end we are here to protect any player of ours, and develop the players that we have in the best possible way. We judge every day with what we see, and I’m really happy with him and the way he’s performing. 

Martinelli has come a long, long way because his energy, his passion, his commitment, it doesn’t get much better than that ever, but there are other aspects in the game that he’s had to develop and maintain the ones that he’s exceptional at, like today, because when he has chances he puts them away. Again, he’s in the right direction. 

Unfortunately I can confirm that and it was reported to the stadium manager and now the authorities will deal with that. Racial slurs were addressed to one of our players sitting on the bench. One of ours heard those comments. I don't know exactly who it was [directed at], that is why they will have to be interviewed, and they will deal with the authorities in that case".