PREMIER - Arsenal challenge Italian clubs over Brandt

31.07.2021 08:50 of Claudio Colla   see readings
PREMIER - Arsenal challenge Italian clubs over Brandt
© photo Daniele Mascolo/PhotoViews

As highlighted by, 25-year old German international attacking midfielder Julian Brandt has been targeted again by Arsenal, which are now allegedly running the lower odds on signing him for good, from Borussia Dortmund.

Playing for BVB since 2019/20, Wolfsburg alumni, whom Dortmund had bought from Bayer Leverkusen on a 25 million euros transfer fee back then, is still tracked by AC Milan and Lazio as well. Currently on a deal with Bundesliga giants until June 2024, Brandt might now be handed out on a sligtly lower sum.

Not making it into Euro 2020 squad list, the 1996-born playmaker, also viable as a central midfielder and as a winger, might anyway end up staying put.