PREMIER - Burnley, Dyche: "Leeds played with an edge all game long"

03.01.2022 10:00 of Claudio Colla   see readings
PREMIER - Burnley, Dyche: "Leeds played with an edge all game long"

Explaining his disappointment after latest Burnley game against Leeds United, won by the latter, Clarets boss, Sean Dyche stated:

We came across a Leeds side who were energetic. I thought they were decent today, they played strong and they played long as well. Leeds got after the ball, they ran and pressed hard which we knew they would do.

Sometimes you need an edge to a performance, and we didn’t find that. We found some moments where we could have put ourselves in front, and we could have dealt with things better, the first goal particularly, but overall, they played with an edge that we couldn’t find over the 90-odd minutes.

Leeds played so open and predictable at times, and we started the second-half well. Maxwel got his goal, and we were pretty much going okay at that moment until a soft goal which gives them and the stadium a lift. We were chasing at the end, but we never found a golden moment. Anyway, we had some good moments but the edge that you need to go and win football matches, they supplied it more than we did.

We’re not a million miles away performance wise, but it’s the edge to the performance. They were hungrier, they were first to balls and that body language, intent and desire can make a difference, and we didn’t show as much as that as they did”.