PREMIER - Chelsea apologizing statement from Romelu Lukaku

05.01.2022 10:00 of Claudio Colla   see readings
PREMIER - Chelsea apologizing statement from Romelu Lukaku

Recently declaring his fondness for Inter Milan, as well as hinting to a move away from Chelsea, 28-year old Belgian international striker Romelu Lukaku, through an official statement released on Blues official website, stated: 

"You know the connection I’ve had to this club since my teenage years, so I totally understand you guys being upset. It’s up to me now to restore your trust and I’ll do my best to show commitment every day on the training ground and to try and win games. To the manager I apologise and also to my team-mates and the board because it was not the right moment.

I want to move forward and start winning football games. I totally understand why the fans are upset. I should’ve been much clearer in my message to be totally honest. The interview was about saying goodbye to the Inter fans, it was not about trying to disrespect the [Chelsea] fans and the football club, the owner, my team-mates and the manager. They made a lot of effort to bring me back here and I wanted to come back here, I’ve been on a mission since I left.

I totally understand the frustrations of the fans but now it’s on me to show that my commitment is 100 per cent and I’ll do that every game. They don’t need to question [my commitment]. I always said I wanted to come here and to be successful, that’s why I signed a five-year deal.

I think Chelsea is a club that equals success. All the players that come here come for winning and I have a special passion for this club. I want to achieve that with this club, I want to win here for many years. I want to make sure I show my commitment every day. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid? It's not that I want to join either of those. I just said many kids playing football, all around the world, dream about wearing those jerseys".