PREMIER - Crystal Palace, Ward: "We're getting stronger game by game"

25.10.2021 09:24 of Claudio Colla   see readings
PREMIER - Crystal Palace, Ward: "We're getting stronger game by game"
© photo Federico De Luca

Turning 32 in a few days, Crystal Palace right-back Joel Ward commented upon Eagles latest match against Newcastle:

We’re working towards where we want to be and are getting stronger each game. We just need to capitalise when we are on top of games and dominating teams. Today was one of those performances where we could have run away with the game.

I don’t think there’s particularly much missing. We’re showing what we can do as a team and that we’re getting stronger and stronger with each game that passes. It’s just capitalising on the chances and being ruthless and having that nasty side to bury teams. I think it was a suckerblow to concede the way we did again with a set play. It was obviously frustrating but we go again and work hard and try to rule out those chances we give teams.

I haven’t seen [the VAR decision] up close but from where I was I don’t think it really affects the player who scored. So I don’t see why it’s potentially been ruled out, but I haven’t actually seen it and looked at it. It’s a tough one to take and is a decision that’s gone against us today. We know the threat that Christian possesses. He hit the post in the first-half and scored two goals, one being ruled out. So when we play and when we utilise Christian and his strengths we create those chances”.