PREMIER - Everton, Godfrey: "Covid and its follow-up were horrendous"

20.10.2021 10:26 of Claudio Colla   see readings
Source: Everton TV
PREMIER - Everton, Godfrey: "Covid and its follow-up were horrendous"

Looking back at his fight against Covid-19, Everton backliner Ben Godfrey revealed Toffees official media:

"It was horrendous. The timing of it was frustrating, especially knowing the fans were back in the stadium as well. For me, the recovery side of it was tough. 

The first couple of games back were awful - my breathing and I found myself fatiguing really early on in games, even after a single sprint when normally I'd back myself to be up and down. I'd be blowing in the first few minutes. It was madness... You can't describe it unless you've experienced it.

It was like you had someone else's body. I'd make a sprint and it'd feel like I'd played 88 minutes, even though it was five minutes into a game. The past couple of games I've felt a lot better and more or less back to myself now, which has been good. The Club and the staff have been brilliant with me in helping me get over that hurdle".