PREMIER - Klopp questions Newcastle takeover: "There are concerns"

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PREMIER - Klopp questions Newcastle takeover: "There are concerns"
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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp also saw partying supporters of competitor Newcastle United on television last week. The takeover of the club by a consortium from Saudi Arabia makes The Magpies the richest club in the world in one fell swoop.

Where there is mainly joy and enthusiasm among Newcastle United supporters, other people in football are looking at the situation with suspicion. PIF, the party that took over the club, is led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. "This is the third club in football that I know of that belongs to a country and belongs to one of the richest families in the world," Klopp told Sky Deutschland.

"I don't want to make it my business, because it's not my business. There are no two opinions about the people's issues in Saudi Arabia. That's not a question. But how could it happen that this was allowed to happen despite much concern, I can't I was waiting for a statement from Richard Masters (CEO of the Premier League), but it has not yet come."

Klopp - who has another shot at the Premier League title with Liverpool this year - continued: "As no one has said anything really great about the situation yet, I'm not ready to really give my opinion on the situation. "There are concerns about this acquisition that everyone has, but the choice was made by others. It was not my choice and now we have to live with the facts."

Klopp makes the comparison with the Super League, the European elite's plan for its own top competition, which could count on a lot of resistance from outside. "This is actually just like the Super League, but for one club. The opportunities that will arise there are of course enormous. Newcastle United will be guaranteed to play a dominant role in world football for the next twenty, thirty years."

Liverpool are second in the Premier League, with 15 points after seven games. Tomorrow, Klopp's team will visit Watford, which will be led for the first time by former Leicester City success coach Claudio Ranieri. Goalkeeper Allison and Fabinho, among others, will have to let that match pass and are already preparing for the midweek Champions League meeting with Atlético Madrid.